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      Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

      Dorna Hopes to Begin MotoGP Racing at Jerez in July

      Motorsport Magazine has an extensive interview with Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta concerning efforts to begin MotoGP racing this year. Ezpeleta would like to begin with several races in Spain, including back-to-back races at Jerez. The races would be closed to fan attendance – TV broadcast only. The current goal is to have the first race […]

      2020 KTM 890 Duke R: MD Ride Review

      The KTM 890 Duke R is a special motorcycle … something we found out last week after testing this new machine from the Austrian brand. Less than two years ago, we tested the 790 Duke shortly after its introduction, and grew fond of the bike, but the 890 Duke R makes the 790 feel like […]

      2020 Kawasaki W800: MD Ride Review, Part 2

      In Part 1 of our review of the 2020 Kawasaki W800, we enthused about this classic looking motorcycle after our first few rides. Having tested the bike further, our opinion is largely unchanged. This motorcycle was never intended to offer massive horsepower or arm-ripping acceleration. With power at the rear wheel limited to roughly 47 […]

      2020 KTM 890 Duke R: MD Ride Review, First Thoughts

      We have only put a few miles on our KTM 890 Duke R test bike, but a few things are already abundantly clear. First of all, for an 890cc twin, this bike is very fast. Dare we say ridiculously fast? With decent mid-range, the 890 Duke packs a wallop up top. Keep in mind that […]

      KTM 2020 390 Adventure: MD First Ride

      It is safe to say that KTM is a leader when it comes to designing and selling motorcycles in the Adventure category. It has done so for more than 20 years … building a reputation for high performance bikes aimed at hard-core enthusiasts. This fits with the company’s Ready to Race tagline. For 2020 KTM […]

      Norton Motorcycles Bought Out of Bankruptcy Administration by TVS Motor

      With the rise of interest in retro-style machines, and the success of fellow British icon Triumph Motorcycles, Norton Motorcycles showed promise in recent years – even announcing high-performance Atlas 650cc models. Competition, and financial pressures, however, forced Norton into the British equivalent of bankruptcy earlier this year. With the coronavirus pandemic threatening even the most […]

      Onboard Video With Screaming Suzuki RG500 Two-Stroke at Isle of Man

      We don’t hear much about two-strokes anymore, but here is your chance to ride along with Danny Webb at the Isle of Man TT course aboard his Suzuki RG500. In addition to the sound of his two-stroke, the video gives you a good idea of just how dangerous/crazy it is to ride a fast motorcycle […]

      BMW Unveils Production R 18 Cruiser With Massive Boxer Engine

      Seen in concept form many times, BMW has now unveiled the production version of the massive 1.8 liter Boxer twin, which will be known as the R 18. A direct shot at the cruiser category, the R 18 promises to be the perfect starting point for customization. Before discussing the technology, particularly the engine, a […]

      Andrea Iannone Suspended for 18 Months in Drug Case; Appeal Planned

      The FIM handed down its decision in the Andrea Iannone matter yesterday, concluding that the banned substance found in his blood following a test at Sepang on November 3 of last year warranted an 18-month period of ineligibility to participate in the MotoGP championship. The 18-month period began on December 17, 2019, and would extend […]

      KTM Releases Details and Pricing on 2020 890 Duke R (with video)

      Production specifications and pricing for the 2020 KTM 890 Duke R were released earlier today. All of the details are contained in the press release below, followed by the KTM launch video. The 890 Duke R is no upright, comfy streetbike. The ergonomics are decidedly aggressive – reflecting the sport-focus of the bike. With a […]

      Ducati Reveals Production Specs for Streetfighter V4

      Ducati has released full production specifications for the Streetfighter V4, as well as the Streetfighter V4 S. These bikes are designed to take naked motorcycle performance to a level never before seen in a production model. To begin with, the amazing 1,103cc V4 engine derived from the Panigale Superbike makes a claimed 208 horsepower and […]

      Valentino Rossi’s Secret Room – Dainese Invites Us to Look Inside

      It turns out that nine-time World champion Valentino Rossi has been saving memorabilia from his racing career, including his long association with Dainese and AGV. Dainese helped Rossi produce a four-part video series in which Valentino discusses his career and the memorabilia in his private museum. Here is a brief introduction from Dainese, followed by […]

      MD Project Bike: Dirck Modifies a 2019 KTM 790 Adventure

      I have owned several street bikes over the years, but unloaded all of my personal motorcycles several years ago when I barely had enough time to ride test bikes in the MD garage (sometimes totaling as much as six). Recently, I got the bug to purchase, and modify, a bike and, after much thought, decided […]

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